Dayta AI Limited

The simplest shopper analytics.
Cyclops helps offline retailers to collect and analyze customer data, so as to boost sales and increase business efficiency.

Company Introduction:

Dayta AI is a SaaS software retail analytics company established in 2018. We are part of the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park (HKSTP) programme and the first batch of the Hong Kong Artificial Intelligence Lab (HKAI Lab). We strive to develop AI, cloud-based retail analytics solutions that cater the needs of brick-and-mortar stores, under the digital transformation and big data trends. Our vision is to create a powerful integrated customer data solution for offline retailers that are easy to implement and effective to use.
The key differentiator of Cyclops from other traditional retail analytics solution is its short and effortless implementation, which can minimize in-store operation disruptions. Our platform directly extracts the video stream from existing in-store surveillance cameras by connecting to the camera URL, and the whole set-up process can be completed online, in just 5 minutes. In addition, we are also offering a flexible subscription model and multiple pricing plans for users, so that instead of paying an expensive fixed up-front cost, retailers can simply switch around different pricing plans that best suit their needs at the time, and subscribe to us whenever they demand customer insights. Under the difficult times of COVID-19, we are offering 14-day free-trial period for any retailers, to help them acquire the data much needed to revamp their business. .

Dayta AI is the winner of Moet Hennessy Innovation Challenge, ICT Startup Award (Software and Apps) Certificate of Merits, and HKRMA Smart Retail Tech Awards (Technology Startups) Gold Award.
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