Everyware Limited

Company Introduction:

Everyware has been focusing on developing and providing customers in food and beverage industry with cloud-based all-in-one POS solutions that help to enhance efficiency and boost revenue. Founded in 2012, the company launched the first real cloud POS in Hong Kong in the year after. We now have various solutions catering the needs of different restaurant customers of any shapes and sizes, among which Caterlord POS and Own Device Ordering (ODO) are the highlights. Caterlord POS is compatible with Window-based or mobile devices and Smart Payment POS, all readily connect with kitchen printers and digital displays for smooth order fulfilment, while ODO enables orders and payments via end-customers’ own mobile devices by simple QR code scanning, incorporating into the conventional POS as an extension for seamless integration.

The design concepts of all our highly customizable products are derived from principles of convenient business management, improving staff productivity, and optimizing customer experience. Instead of just developing single productions, we position ourselves as a builder of ecosystem of F&B industry POS. For this, we join hands with top-tier industry allies to create the maximum flexibility and best experience possible for our customers. Today, our products have been verified by over 4,000 physical restaurants across Hong Kong, Australia, Taiwan, Singapore and Brunei. It is our mission and business strategy to keep up with the market to enhance our existing solutions and develop new products. Looking ahead, we aspire to consolidate the leading position in the local market while actively seeks business opportunities overseas. Everyware, redefining POS solutions in the food and beverage industry.